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Pristine Pastry Dough

Chef Pristine searched for a dough with the perfect texture for hand pies and pastry rolls. A dough not as puffy and flaky as puff pastry, and yet not as blistery and crispy as the empanada dough. Also, Pristine wanted a dough that was non-gmo, vegan, kosher and parve, so even vegans would be able to enjoy the product as well. When Chef Pristine couldn’t locate anything like this in the market, she collaborated with Mazor’s Bakery to produce this dough and bring it to the market.

Pristine Pastry Dough is a
Non-Gmo, Vegan, Kosher and Parve dough that is delicious, has No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol and is the perfect balance between flakiness and crispness. The dough can be used for both savory and sweet baked products.

The Pristine Pastry Dough product comes in a tray that incudes either our standard 5" circles or our standard 5" squares. Each tray is sold with Qty10 per pack.


Every tray comes well packaged with barcode, nutritional label and baking instructions.



Wholesale & Distribution


For wholesale and distribution volume orders, Pristine offers a mirad of differnt options in circles or squares, or custom cut options.


• Pristine pastry dough 3-inch squares for sausage rolls, crescent rolls, etc.
• Pristine pastry dough 5-inch squares for hand pies, turnovers, pastry rolls, hot pockets, strudels, etc.
• Pristine pastry dough 10-inches by 15-inches for slab pies.
• Pristine pastry dough 20-inches by 6 ft roll for custom cut and multi-purpose use.


• Pristine pastry dough 3-inch circles for pierogi, dumplings, pastry bites, etc.
• Pristine pastry dough 5-inch circles for empanadas, Nigerian meat pies, etc.
• Pristine pastry dough 7-inches round pastry shell for potpies, piecrust, apple pie, etc.


Packaging for retail comes 10 pieces per pack and 24 packs per box. Pricing per box varies by quantity of purchase. To find out more about our volume pricing, please contact us today.